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Kurt Angle Launches First Podcast: ‘I Won’t Be Holding Back’

WWE icon Kurt Angle says his new podcast will cover everything from his legendary wrestling career to his struggles with addiction.

There is no shortage of pro wrestling podcasts, but none are hosted by an Olympic gold medalist.

Until now.

Hosted by Kurt Angle and Conrad Thompson, The Kurt Angle Show debuts on Feb. 7.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun with this podcast and get into some great wrestling stories,” says Angle, who famously won Olympic gold in 1996 before crafting a brilliant career in pro wrestling that included runs in WWE, TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. “It’s true that I have a lot of stories to tell, and I won’t be holding back.”

Presented by Westwood One, the show will be available on Apple, Spotify and all other major platforms, with new episodes dropping every Sunday at 6 a.m. ET. subscribers can already access the first episode, which includes video.

Angle’s lengthy list of career highlights include one of the most spectacular rookie years in wrestling, which began with his televised debut at WWE’s Survivor Series in 1999. Through his athletic prowess and overwhelming charisma, he quickly elevated himself to the top of the company. There is no shortage of topics from his career to discuss, and Thompson revealed that their first episode will take an in-depth look at Angle’s WrestleMania 19 main event against Brock Lesnar in 2003.

“It’s almost become a gag about that he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck, but Kurt Angle wrestled that match, the main event of WrestleMania 19, with a broken neck,” Thompson says. “His decision to wrestle is one that he is still paying for today, and it started his dependency on prescription drugs. He goes into all of it, and fans are going to love hearing his stories. This is going to be a chance to really learn about the human element of this wrestling machine.”

Angle arrived in pro wrestling during the height of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the Rock, which adds to the remarkable nature of his ascension. Another unique aspect of Angle’s career is the run he produced in TNA, which lasted even longer than his time in WWE. His magnificence in the ring overlapped with his constant battle with substance abuse issues, which he plans to discuss.

“I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve been clean and sober for nearly eight years, and I want to help others,” Angle says. “If I can help one person with this show, that will mean the world to me.”

Since it is not part of the WWE portfolio, Angle’s TNA run does not often receive the credit it deserves. Yet stories from that era should lead to some incredible content, and Thompson is eager to explore his years outside WWE.

“His deal in TNA was a landmark deal, and he elevated so many guys,” Thompson says. “Kurt also really changed his style into a daredevil. But because he spent so much time with TNA, I’m still not sure he gets his just due for his place on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling greats. And while Kurt is a legitimate badass, he was also an incredibly funny entertainer. I’m looking forward to sharing his story.”

Suzanne Grimes, the president of Westwood One, also shared her excitement to bring Angle into the wide reach of the network.

“It’s exhilarating to add the voice of an Olympic legend to our podcast lineup,” Grimes says. “Our wrestling fans are enthusiastic and loyal, always thirsty for more from their favorite stars, and it is the ideal time to introduce The Kurt Angle Show to the Westwood One Podcast Network.”

In addition to in-ring brilliance, addiction and the stresses directly attached to being atop the industry, Angle’s story also includes a return to WWE in 2017. This led to a mixed tag match with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34, before culminating in a WrestleMania 35 sendoff against Baron Corbin that failed to meet expectations.

“People are going to be surprised by the stories they’ve never heard before,” Angle says. “Plus, we’ll have interviews with some amazing people, and this is the first time I’ll be asking the questions. I’ve never done that before, being the interviewer instead of being the interviewee, so it’s going to be very interesting.

“And for me, this is the best way to get my message out. I want to share my story, and I want to talk about those that influenced me—my brothers and sisters in pro wrestling. I hope my story carries through so people have the courage to keep fighting.”

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