Ray Rice says he never planned to appeal any punishment

Ray Rice says he never planned to appeal any punishment Photo:

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice said he "never planned to appeal any kind of punishment" handed down to him in the wake of an offseason domestic violence incident, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The NFL announced last week it was suspending Rice, who was indicted on aggravated assault charges in March, for two games.

Rice said Thursday it didn't matter if the suspension given was two, four, six or eight games, he wasn't going to appeal it. 

I was going to own my actions and be a man about it and take whatever was given to me," said Rice. "But I don’t have any control over what the punishment was given. All I do know is we went through the whole process ... whatever was decided, that was out of my control."

On Thursday, Rice also apologized for his actions, calling it "the biggest mistake of my life" and saying violence of any kind is "not right."

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His two-game suspension has drawn criticism, with many saying the penalty handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was too lenient. 

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