Jim McElwain really doesn’t think this is funny. 

By Dan Gartland
July 11, 2017

Everyone’s favorite college football off-season subplot is back in the news, and just in time for Shark Week. 

For those of you who, mercifully, missed it: There was a photo that went viral in May of a naked man straddling a shark. The guy looked like Florida head coach Jim McElwain. McElwain steadfastly and almost angrily denied that it was him. He clearly didn’t find it funny at the time and he hadn’t warmed to it when the subject was broached again at SEC media days on Tuesday. 

“I love the humor in it,” McElwain said, “and yet, what it did that actually not only attacked the university but attacked my family, when you know it’s not you. I bust chops with the best of them now and yet, when it got personal...”

McElwain’s players, on the other hand, are having a bit of fun with it. 

No matter how much McElwain would like it to, there’s no way this story is dying off any time soon. I already know what’s going to be the most popular sign in the stands at Gators road games this season. 

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