Some had doubts as to what sort of crowd this would be, but NYC showed out. 

By Daniel Rapaport
September 23, 2017

ESPN's College GameDay is in New York City's Time Square this weekend for the first time, which is...different. NYC doesn't have a single FBS college football team within the city limits, so it wasn't going to be the usual GameDay dynamic where a specific fan base is fired up for a meaningful game. 

That led to some questions as to what kind of crowd would show up. But the City is a magnet to college graduates from around the country; there are specific bars for seemingly every Division 1 football program sprinkled around the five borroughs. What New York lacks in fan unity (there is no one favorite college team), it makes up for with fan variety. There were supporters of dozens of different teams at GameDay, which made for diverse signage. 

Here are some of the best from this unique version of our favorite college football show.

Auto retweet for Mike Gundy mullet drawing.

There is a vacancy!

So getting tickets at the last second is doable?!

Not related to college football, but yeah, topical. 

Opening spread: Jets -3.5.



Rutgers, whose football stadium is an even 40 miles from Times Square, has tried to market itself as New York City's college football team. Results have been...mixed. 

Let's be honest, you just didn't want to go to the wedding. 

Oh, I get it, it's a joke on "who's the real USC?" (The answer to this question, of course, is regional.)

Like I said, New York City doesn't have a real college football team. 

And the award for the worst sign of the day (this guy was at SEC Nation, not GameDay) goes to this Vanderbilt fan. 

Not only is it not witty, but why would you change your password to "Bama" if you're a Vanderbilt fan? Weird move, bro. 

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