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Style Archive: Tournament Edition

After adding 40 entries in the 2010-11 regular season (installment one; installment two), the Style Archive is back with a special Tournament Edition.

First up, some film: Wisconsin's Tim Jarmusz and Jordan Taylor were spotted performing part of a Fresh Prince of Bel Air-esque handshake on the court near the conclusion of Saturday's third-round win over Kansas State, and in this Style Archive exclusive, they demonstrate it and explain its origins (it seems to be part Will & Jazz, part Jump On It, although Taylor will not admit to being Carlton Banks' hoops doppelgänger):

[wpvideo ohITHYt6 w=590]

Moving on to the still images -- and our top 20 tourney styles:

Craig Sager, CBS; Roy Williams, UNC

This split-screen pretty much confirms it: Ol' Roy stocked up at Sager Outfitters before the NCAA tournament. Different color coat, but same plaid pattern and similarly loud tie.
(Photos: SMI)

Hey Jude
Josh Pastner, Memphis

His lucky "Hope" tie, from St. Jude Children's Hospital, was 4-0 in games leading up to the NCAAs, but it wasn't powerful enough to get a foul called on Derrick Williams.
(Photo: AP)

Black History Kicks
Jacob Pullen, Kansas State

In the Wildcats' loss to Wisconsin, Pullen scored 38 points while wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Black History Month" shoes, with a BHM logo on the heel.
(Photo: Chris Coduto/Icon SMI)

Lil' Pennies
Joe Jackson, Memphis

The Tigers' homegrown freshman point guard knows his local history: He rocked Air Pennys against Arizona as an ode to ex-Memphis star Anfernee Hardaway.
(Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Playoff Shave
Ryan Pearson, George Mason

Pearson superstitiously refused to cut his beard during Mason's 16-game win streak that went up to the CAA final -- but ditched it after a loss in Richmond to VCU.
(Photos: Getty Images/SI)

Ryan Pearson, George Mason

He gets a double-mention in the Archive for the directness and simplicity of his ode to his grandmother: A forearm tat that says "Grandma," nothing more.
(Photo: Mitchell Layton/SI)

Cowboy Coach
Frank Martin, Kansas State

Whoa. Forget Martin's giant, high-buttoned suits; his signature item just became these custom K-State boots, which he audaciously sported on the sidelines in Tucson.
(Photo: @rwhoan on Twitter)

Fab Fivery
Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan

Props to the Wolverines for insisting on the black-socks, black-shoes look for their third-round game against Duke. They fell one shot short, but were stylistically victorious.
(Photo: Lance King/Icon SMI)

Ginger Brew
Mike Bruesewitz, Wisconsin

Bruesewitz has been in the Archive twice already. The ex-hockey-playing Minnesotan needs no introduction. We'd just like to thank him for not getting a haircut.
(Photo: Chris Coduto/Icon SMI)

Tiger Badger Blood
Keaton Nankivil, Wisconsin

He needed multiple stitches -- as did UW's Jon Leuer -- after getting socked in the face during Saturday's win over Kansas State. The dark shiner nicely rounds out the look.
(Photo: Luke Winn/SI)

Camo 'Cat
Doug Harrellson, Kentucky

Of course the father of "Jorts" (UK's Josh Harrellson) would be wearing a camo hat when CBS cameras found him in the crowd. What did you expect? Houndstooth?
(Photo: CBS)

Mike Proctor, Northern Colorado

Proctor wins the NCAA tournament award for "Wolfin'," as he cultivated a very werewolf-like look for the Bears' second-round loss to San Diego State in Tucson.
(Photo: AP)

Cradling ... Something
J'Covan Brown, Texas
Terrence Hill, Morehead State

Gonzaga's David Stockton isn't the only one who knows the Sam Cassell/Pedro Cerrano Cojones Dance, apparently.
(Photos: Getty Images/Morehead State)

Markieff Morris, Kansas

Why didn't he and Marcus go for "Morrii" on their inner bicep instead? Tatting the singular version was a mistake they'll have to live with for the rest of their lives.
(Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Brad Stevens, Butler

Stevens got his magic specs after leaving a Feb. 26 win over Loyola due to issues with a corneal edema. The Bulldogs have yet to lose a game while he's wearing the glasses.
(Photos: Getty Images/AP)

Fully Vested
Greg Kampe, Oakland

Kampe went for a modified Bluto look in the second round against Texas -- a departure from his all-black, no-collar (inset) look earlier in the season.
(Photos: Getty Images/Icon SMI)

Cory Joseph, Texas

Joseph got this accessory after being socked in the mouth against Oakland; had he been wearing it vs. Arizona, might the ref have paid more attention to his timeout request?
(Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Wisco Pride
Will Hudson, Oakland

Madison resident Hudson isn't here for his Scheyerface, although it is impressive; we're honoring him for the Dairy State tattoo on his left shoulder. Wisco Represent!
(Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Mike Morrison, George Mason

Many of the Patriots broke out these new Air Max Fly Bys for the tourney. The Power of the Neon Heels was strong enough to earn them one victory, but not two.
(Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Tribal Shave
Casey Mitchell, West Virginia

Mitchell didn't have a major impact on the dance, shooting 5-of-16 in two games, but he did show up with the freshest skull design. Bob Huggins had to be proud.
(Photo: J. Meric/Getty Images)

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Upset that The Jimmer didn't make an appearance? We'll make it up to you ... with this Jimmer song that qualifies as the artistic achievement of the year in college hoops YouTubes:

And we'll leave you with music that's actually Style Archive-approved -- the SI + Gorilla vs. Bear Tourney Playlist, which is now 12 songs deep:

SI Gorilla Vs. Bear Mix

1. Shabazz Palaces :: an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum

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7. Summer Camp :: I Want You

8. White Denim :: Anvil Everything

9. Bosco Delrey :: 20 Flight Dub

10. Robin Pecknold (of Fleet Foxes) :: I’m Losing Myself (Feat. Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear)

11. Hard Mix :: Memories

Peaking Lights :: Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)