NCAA approves 30-second shot clock, other rule changes

A series of rule changes in men's college basketball were approved on Monday.
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A series of rule changes in men's college basketball were approved on Monday.

The changes, which were proposed last month by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee, include shortening the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.

The five-second reduction theoretically would lead to more possessions, thereby creating more scoring opportunities for each team.

Another notable change is to cut the number of timeouts from five to four, with the number of timeouts that can be preserved for the second half limited to three.

“The committee has taken significant steps to reverse the trends in the sport that are concerning to the men’s college basketball world,” committee chair and Belmont coach Rick Byrd said last month. “We have spent the past year collecting data, opinions and considering proposals that will help our game.

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"Our anticipation is that dedicated officiating enforcement, along with this package of changes, will help balance the offense and defense in our game.”

Another set of changes concern defensive rules. The restricted area under the basket will be moved out from three feet to four feet, and offensive players will be afforded the same "verticality" principles as defensive players.

In addition, the committee decided to eliminate coaches' ability to call live-ball timeouts as well as the rule that the 10-second backcourt clock resets when a timeout is called.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel reviewed the proposals before voting on whether to approve them on Monday.

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