Mother of former Spartan Draymond Green gives son ‘Crying Jordan’ treatment

Just when you thought the ‘Crying Jordan’ meme was overplayed, Draymond Green’s mother brought it back.
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Just when you thought the 'Crying Jordan' meme was overplayed, Draymond Green's mother brought it back.

The Warriors forward, who graduated from Michigan State, took to Twitter on Friday after the No. 2 Spartans' upset loss to No. 15 Middle Tennessee State to express his disappointment.

Don't worry, Draymond. Your mother is Crying Jordan your face.

The meme originally came from Warriors social media aficionado Julie Phayer, though 'Crying Jordan' law states the family of the memed owns rights to all photoshops. OK, that's made up, but seems to be an unwritten rule.

Go Blue Raiders.