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Mississippi State Fan Played Key Role In Hugh Freeze Resigning From Ole Miss

Mississippi State fan helped uncover phone call that led to Hugh Freeze's departure from Ole Miss, according to ESPN.

A Mississippi State fan played a major role in Hugh Freeze resigning from Ole Miss, ESPN's Mark Schlabach reports.

According to Schlabach, Steve Robertson has been covering Mississippi State sports since 2001 and came across Hugh Freeze's phone records while doing research for a book he is working on. Schlabach adds that Robertson says it was never his intention to bring down Freeze.

Robertson and Thomas Mars, the attorney for former ole Miss coach Houston Nutt, came across a phone call to an escort service will trying to find a call between Freeze and a sportswriter, according to Schlabach. He adds that the call the two were looking for happened on Jan. 20, 2016, but Mars requested the records for the day before and the day after so Ole miss wouldn't know what he was looking for.

Mars and Robertson met each other through a third party, according to Schlabach. Mars found Robertson while doing research for Nutt's defamation suit against Ole Miss and the two built a working relationship from there, according to Schlabach.

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"If they had just apologized to Houston Nutt, I don't even know who Thomas Mars is and I never have the phone records," Robertson said to Schlabach. "I never find that call."

Schlabach also writes that Robertson is currently engaged in a legal battle with an unnamed Ole Miss booster who is trying to block the release of his name after the Mississippi Ethics Commission ruled in Robertson's favor that he be granted the names of the boosters accused of providing improper benefits to recruits.