Watch: NC State's Bradley Chubb Spits on Florida State Logo After He Dominated the Game

Not as bad as Baker Mayfield's antics at the Horseshoe, but disrespectful nonetheless. 
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NC State's Bradley Chubb had an incredible game to help his Wolfpack to a 27-21 upset victory at No. 13 Florida State. The defensive end had two sacks and a forced fumble, and his NFL stock is soaring; he could be a top-ten selection come April. 

How did Chubb celebrate the performance? By spitting on the Florida State Seminole logo, of course. 

I don't hate this. It was a subtle way of conveying hatred toward a specific time. He didn't draw any attention to himself, and the only reason anyone saw this was because the camera's were on him because he balled out. What Baker Mayfield did was corny and over-the-top, this seemed like a visceral celebration of a job well done.

UPDATE: Chubb apologized after the game and told ESPN he didn’t intentionally spit on the FSU logo.