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Antonio Callaway Among Seven Florida Players to Accept Pre-Trial Intervention in Credit Card Case

Antonio Callaway is among seven suspended Florida players to accept a pre-trial intervention that could lead to a dismissal of charges.

Wide receiver Antonio Callaway and running back Jordan Scarlett are among seven suspended Florida players who agreed to a pre-trial intervention that could lead to the dismissal of the felony charges they face from a credit card scandal, the Florida state attorney Bill Cervone announced on Thursday . 

The interventions must still be formally approved by a judge. If they are approved and the players complete 12 months of voluntary probation, the felony charges would likely be dismissed, reports the Tampa Bay Times' Matt Baker. 

Florida suspended seven players who allegedly used stolen credit card information to fund their bookstore accounts, buy items and sometimes sell them, according to University of Florida State police. Two more players were suspended just days before the season-opener against Michigan, bringing the total to nine. Felony chargers were levied against all nine players with total claimed damaged surpassing $18,000. 

"We've been made aware of some updates in the legal process, and there are still steps to go that include the University student conduct code," coach Jim McElwain said in a statement.

Callaway led the Gators in receiving yards last season while Scarlett led the team in rushing yards. The other players to receive a pre-trial intervention are Keivonnis Davis,  Rick Wells, Ventrell Miller, James Houston and lineman Richerd Desir-Jones​, per the Times.

Two of the nine suspended players did not receive a pre-trial intervention: Jordan Smith and Kadeem Telfort, perhaps because they faced too many felony charges. 

None of the players have returned to the team since the initial suspension, and the interventions do not mean they will return before the season is over.

Florida hosts No. 3 Georgia on Saturday.