A Delaware DB Made a Catch Eerily Similar to Odell Beckham’s Iconic Grab

The resemblance is uncanny. 
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There is a tendency these days to liken every one-handed catch to something Odell Beckham would do, but what Delaware defensive back Nasir Adderley did on Saturday really is straight out Beckham’s playbook. 

In the second quarter of the Blue Hens’ game against Towson, Adderley picked off Ryan Stover with a jaw-dropping grab. The team’s Twitter account naturally compared it to Beckham, but the resemblance is even closer than you could have expected. 

Look at how Adderley secured the ball. 


Now check out this still from Beckham’s legendary catch against the Cowboys.


Right hand extended all the way behind the head. Ball resting in the fingertips. Body off balance and falling to the ground. It’s like looking in a mirror.