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Lane Kiffin Jabs Nick Saban Yet Again With ‘Rat Poison’ Tweet

It’s just Lane being Lane. 

These two things are undoubtedly true: Lane Kiffin does not get along with Nick Saban, and Lane Kiffin’s Twitter account is a damn trip. So while it’s not a major surprise to see Kiffin rib Saban in a tweet, it’s still awfully funny. 

Here is a (terribly designed) meme tweeted Monday night by a USC fan account. (The 2016 quote is totally fabricated, by the way.)

And here is Kiffin’s response. 

Alright, some background. In October, Saban chastised the media for their complimentary coverage of his team, likening it to “rat poison.” Kiffin took the analogy and ran with it, turning it into a recurring joke on Twitter.

Come on, Lane. Why don’t you really twist the knife and remind Saban which of you is playing in a conference title game this weekend?