Source: Oregon Expected to Hire Georgia’s Mustache Guy as Head Strength Coach

That makes sense, since his mustache looks like something out of Portlandia. 
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Aaron Feld, the Georgia assistant stretch and conditioning coach with a mustache straight out of an episode of Portlandia, is expected to be hired as the head strength and conditioning coach at Oregon, SI’s Bruce Feldman reports

His curled, carnival strongman-style mustache has made Feld a folk hero among Georgia fans for a while now, but it took until the national championship game on Monday for him to burst into the national spotlight


Feld was a long snapper at Mississippi State and joined Georgia in January 2015 after leading the strength program at the University of North Alabama. He replaces Irele Oderinde, who was suspended for a month last January after his workouts landed three players in the hospital. Oderinde followed Willie Taggart to Florida State.