Duke’s Krzyzewskiville Tent Village Forced to Shut Down Due to Flu Epidemic

Duke’s tent city has apparently become a breeding ground for disease. 
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Duke officials are temporarily shutting down Krzyzewskiville, the tent city outside Cameron Indoor Stadium, because it has apparently become a breeding ground for disease, according to the Duke Chronicle

The school has “identified some students from K-ville with the flu,” Duke vice president for student affairs Larry Moneta wrote in a Duke parents Facebook group, according to TheNews & Observer. At the risk of letting virus sweep through the encampment, the school is shutting down K-ville for an undetermined amount of time. 

There are 70 groups of students camped outside the arena for a chance to receive tickets to the game against North Carolina on March 3. At this stage of the tent process, one member of each 12-person group must be in the tent during the day and six members at night. The students are subject to periodic tent checks but the line monitors will allow for grace periods in the event of extreme weather and other situations. Because of the severity of the flu epidemic this year, Duke officials have ordered an indefinite grace period to allow students to clear out. 

This year’s flu season is the worst in a decade, according to the CDC.