ACC Coaches Suggest Expanding NCAA Tournament to 72 Teams at Conference Meetings

ACC coaches are also in favor of a deeper three-point line and a wider lane.
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At the ACC spring meetings, the conference's coaches recommended expanding the NCAA tournament to 72 teams, pushing back the three-point line, and widening the lane, according to Brett McMurphy.

"The idea of having two First Fours, if you will, maybe geographic," ACC commissioner John Swofford said, according to The Herald-Sun. "That's such a quick turnaround. You could have one maybe in Dayton and one in the western part of the states."

The NCAA tournament expanded from 65 to 68 in 2011, and since making the move, at lest one team that's played in the First Four has won at least one other game in the tournament.


In addition to tournament expansion, moving the three-point line and a wider lane, the conference also suggests having the shot clock reset to 20 seconds after offensive rebounds instead of 30.

However, it is not in favor of changing from halves to quarters and changing the rules regarding fouls and the bonus that were implemented during the NIT, according to The Herald-Sun.

There were also no formal recommendations based on the Rice Commission's report on college basketball's future.