NCAA Will Host Championships in States That Permit Sports Gambling

The NCAA says it is ready to support federal regulation on sports gambling.
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The NCAA Board of Governors has decided to suspend its policy regarding hosting championship competition in states that allow legal sports gambling, the Association announced Thursday.

The rule specifically stopped championship events from taking place in states that allowed single-game wagers, which as of now is still only Nevada.

Rules about student-athletes or athletics employees being prohibited from sports betting will remain in place. The NCAA may reconsider what the penalties will be for people who bet legally on sports.

The NCAA will also keep its current policies in place that restrict sports gambling sponsorships and advertising.


"Our highest priorities in any conversation about sports wagering are maintaining the integrity of competition and student-athlete well-being," NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement. "Sports wagering can adversely impact student-athletes and undermine the games they play. We are committed to ensuring that laws and regulations promote a safe and fair environment for the nearly half a million students who play college athletics."

Monday's Supreme Court decision to strike down the federal regulations that prevent states from making their own laws pertaining to sports gambling did not legalize the practice just yet. Individual states will still need to legalize gambling on their own.