Imagine Dragons Made Another ESPN College Football Anthem to Get Stuck in Your Head

Get ready to hear this 10,000 times between now and January. 
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Get ready to hear this song 10,000 times between now and January. 

Imagine Dragons released a new single on Tuesday called “Natural,” which, according to Billboard, will be the anthem for ESPN’s college football coverage this season. 

What we don’t know yet is which three-second clip ESPN will pull out for use in its promo spots and drill into the core of your brain.

Last year it was “DO YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN WIN THIS FIGHT TONIGHT” from the 30 Seconds to Mars song “Walk on Water.” The line was everywhere, from mid-week commercials promoting the biggest game of the weekend to the return from commercial breaks during the game itself. This year will surely be the same. 

This is the second time that ESPN has chosen an Imagine Dragons song to pair with its college football coverage, the first being “Roots” in 2015.