Look: Syracuse Somehow Forgot How to Spell 'Boeheim' on Coach's Son's Jersey

How long has there been a Boeheim associated with Syracuse basketball?
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The Syracuse equipment team is going to have a whole lot of explaining to do.

Thursday, the Orange faced off against long-time rival Connecticut at Madison Square Garden.

It was sure to be an exciting game for Jim Boeheim's squad, which came into the game ranked No. 15 in the country. The only issue was, the team forgot how to spell Boeheim.

It's not that the coach's name was misspelled in the media guide or on the jumbotron or something. No. Much worse.

That is freshman Buddy Boeheim (not Boheim). The son of Jim. The man who has been coaching Syracuse since 1976. This is his 43rd season as the coach.

Since 1976, at least one man named Boeheim has been directly connected to this program, and somehow they still can't spell the last name correctly.

Mistakes happen to the best of us, but this is like forgetting how to spell "Syracuse" or "Orange" on the front of the jerseys.

The people at Duke are probably thankful they never have to worry about putting Krzyzewski on the back of any uniforms.