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Clemson Players, Twitter React to Tigers' Fast Food Run During White House Visit

Clemson's Matt Bockhorst is an American hero.

When the Clemson Tigers visited the White House on Monday in honor of their national championship victory, players were welcomed to an assortment of fast foods courtesy of the President, who had declared in advance that he was going to provide the meals for the evening. (White House cooks weren't available to prepare any food for the players' arrival due to the U.S. government's shutdown, which reached its 24th day Monday, making it the longest in the nation's history).

And while the entire spectacle in and of itself was, from an outsider's perspective, strange—from the White House's interior decor to the smorgasbord of McDonald's and Wendy's burgers—there was at least one sensible human taking advantage of a golden opportunity any college student would objectively love to have.

Matt Bockhorst, a redshirt-freshman offensive guard, became an American hero Monday night. Photographers snapped flicks of the 6'4", 310-pound lineman stacking two Big Macs on a plate with a sly grin, and Twitter reacted accordingly.

Note: Content in some tweets are not NSFW.

Bockhorst, however, was unfazed. He returned to Twitter and responded with perhaps the most logical response from any student-athlete not getting paid to play a sport that helps some programs gross over $100 million annually. Or, you know, just a normal human being with an appetite for good-a-- burgers.

Fellow redshirt-freshman offensive lineman Jackson Carman confirmed that Bockhorst was maximizing his chance at a free meal.

A hero. Maybe even a future president. Who knows?

Of course, not everyone was too enthralled about Clemson's fast-food dinner at the White House, including sophomore linebacker Shaq Smith and former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd.

It was bizarre, but we can say we've seen college football's champions visit the White House and eat hamburgers with the President. Welcome to 2019, ladies and gentlemen. Stand by to find out if eating McDonald's violated any impermissible benefits rules.