National treasure Bill Walton continues to capture America's hearts–or at least our attention–with his latest antics on ESPN.

During the Washington-Arizona State game, Walton and his broadcast partner Dave Pasch were about to eat cupcakes when Pasch dared the NBA legend to eat his with the candle still lit.

Walton, never one to turn down a weird dare, shoved the cupcake and candle in his mouth. He then threatened to "face plant" the frosted cupcake in Pasch's face for laughing at him.

You just have to watch if for yourself.

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Walton has already delivered some pretty interesting game-related moments this season. He took a ride on a swan shaped paddle boat before Saturday's game, taught cats and dogs how to get along ahead of Friday's Washington-Arizona game and gave a lecture on whale breeding habits during the Maui Invitational.