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If you’re a big fan of league anniversaries, then 2019 is the year you’ve been waiting for. Major League Baseball has been celebrating its 150th anniversary and the NFL is marking its centennial. But the biggest celebration of all may be in college football, which is commemorating 150 years of gridiron action in ways that will have a major effect on this season’s uniforms. That’s the first order of business for the latest edition of the Uni Watch College Football Season Preview, where we run down all the uniform changes and related visual tweaks for 2019.

The most visible aspect of the 150th-anniversary celebration is the CFB150 logo, which was released earlier this year. Most FBS schools will be wearing it all season long as a jersey patch (the handful of exceptions are noted in the team-by-team rundown that follows), usually on the upper-right chest, although a few schools have it at upper-left.

In addition, the officiating crews will be wearing the CFB150 logo on their jersey sleeves:

And some schools are going the extra mile by including the logo as part of their field designs:

In addition, many schools—particularly those outfitted by Under Armour—are using the anniversary as an excuse to trot out some retro-styled uniforms. Some are true throwbacks, while others are just faux-backs (i.e., not based on any particular uniform from the team’s past), but all of them should give this season more of a nostalgic flavor.

All 130 FBS schools were contacted during the preparation of this article. Schools that are not listed in the team-by-team breakdown either did not respond, reported that they have no uniform changes for the coming season, or are not yet at liberty to discuss uni changes that are still in the works. But you can be sure that there will be lots of additional new designs that haven’t yet been revealed—blackout, whiteout, camouflage, and more—so if your favorite school isn’t listed here, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be making some uni-related news later this fall.

As usual, the schools are listed by conference. You can jump to a conference using the menu below. In addition to uniform changes, we’ve included updates to logos, equipment, field designs, and anything else related to a team’s visual program.

Okay, enough preliminaries. Ready to dive in? Deep breath—here we go.

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Cincinnati, which could really use a full-scale overhaul, has instead made minor tweaks to its previous design:

In addition, the Bearcats are one of several Under Armour-outfitted teams that will be wearing a retro-styled alternate this season. In Cincy’s case, it’s solid-red:


No photos yet, but ECU equipment director Steve Hinrichs says the Pirates will have a new matte black helmet and a new black-and-gray uniform.


Memphis has a new “Tiger Scholar” jersey patch, which will be awarded to players who maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average:

Meanwhile, here’s something to keep an eye on: Liberty Bowl Stadium could have a new corporate-advertised name in the future.


No word yet on what the Midshipmen will wear for this year’s Army-Navy game, but it’s safe to assume that some sort of special design is in the works.

Meanwhile, Navy has announced that the 27-yard lines at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium will be marked with Joe Bellino’s No. 27. Bellino, who passed away earlier this year, was the first Navy player to win the Heisman Trophy and the first to have his number retired.

Finally, although it’s not exactly a uniform or field change, it seems worth noting that Navy has decided to change this season’s motto from “Load the Clip” to “Win the Day.” The original gun-themed slogan prompted some pushback from the local newspaper, The Capital Gazette, whose newsroom was victimized by a mass shooting last year.


Temple has made two changes to its helmet, adding a diamond-patterned center stripe and tweaking its nose bumper messaging:

In addition, the Owls will wear 1935 throwbacks when hosting Tulane on Nov. 16—a shout-out to the first-ever Sugar Bowl, which took place that year and featured these same two teams. Since Temple wore white in that game, the throwbacks are white as well, which will create the rare sight of the Owls wearing white at home:


Lots of small but effective changes for Tulane. One at a time:

• The school’s great “Angry Wave” logo has been added to both the white and green jerseys and pants for the first time. The blue uniform remains unchanged.

• The Angry Wave also appears on this year’s helmets—a white shell that’s a holdover from last year and a new anodized green shell. Both come with multiple facemask color options:

• Sleeve stripe patterns have a consistent color sequence, with blue in the center and white and green on the outside. “We had this pattern on our white helmet in 2018, and now we’ve made the uniform to match,” says Tulane equipment director Gabe Delatte.

• Gray has been removed from the color scheme.

• The uni numbers on the jerseys are larger this season—10 inches high on the front and 12 inches on the back.

• Tulane also has a new uniform design in the pipeline, which will be worn for the Sept. 19 game against Houston. No details yet on that—stay tuned. 


No photos or details yet, but UCF will have a new uniform for its annual “Space Game,” which will take place on Nov. 2 against Houston. Here’s a look at last year’s version.


After sticking with the same design for four seasons—a near-eternity by college football standards—the Huskies have a new uni set that restores the “C” to the team’s helmet (no more Jonathan the Husky) and removes the red accenting. Additional photos and info here.

Meanwhile: This will be UConn’s final season in the American Athletic conference, as the school will be moving to the Big East next season. It’s unclear what this will mean for the school’s football program, since the Big East doesn’t do football, but the Huskies will presumably either go independent or join another conference next year.


USF has been chosen to wear the most lightweight uniform ever produced by Adidas—a new template called the WVN A1 (good luck saying that out loud), which will be worn by no other school in the nation, at least for now. But of course the Bulls always look good out there, no matter what template they’re wearing, because it’s hard to go wrong when your color scheme is green and gold (additional photos and info here):

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BC is another Under Armour-outfitted school that will have a throwback alternate this season. They’re revisiting the famous Doug Flutie “Hail Mary” game with a 1984 design:

The Eagles will wear this uniform on Nov. 23, when they’re on the road at Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish will also be wearing 1980s throwbacks that day, so the game will have a very retro flavor.


No uni changes this season for Clemson, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

• For most games, the Tigers will stick to their protocol of wearing orange over white at home and white over white on the road.

• They’ll break out the orange pants when playing for a championship (ACC Atlantic Division, ACC conference, and the “State Championship” rivalry game against South Carolina) or in a bowl game.

• They’ll wear their solid-purple alternates on Nov. 2 against Wofford.

• Last season Clemson began awarding helmet decals for each semester that a player maintained a 3.0 or 4.0 GPA. That practice will continue this season.


In a mild eyebrow-raiser, FSU head coach Willie Taggart has announced that the Seminoles will wear white jerseys and white pants on the road this season. (And also garnet jerseys with gold pants at home, but that’s no surprise.)

But bigger news is coming next season. If you’re among the fans who’ve been clamoring for the Seminoles to bring back the white uni numbers on their garnet jerseys, it appears that your prayers will be answered in 2020:


Georgia Tech will commemorate Cape Day—a day when the local community celebrates children heroically battling injuries and illnesses at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta—with a new alternate uniform for the Oct. 5 game against North Carolina (additional info here):


Back in February, the Louisville basketball team honored the city’s most famous son, Muhammad Ali, by wearing Ali-themed uniforms (basically white uniforms with arched lettering, which supposedly mimicked Ali’s boxing robe). Now the football team has come out with its own Ali-themed alternate uniform. It’ll be worn on Oct. 5, when Louisville hosts Boston College, which means the Cardinals will be wearing white at home.


Miami and Adidas have partnered with environmental nonprofit Parley for the Oceans to create a new alternate uniform made from repurposed and upcycled materials. It will be worn on Oct. 11, when the Hurricanes host Virginia, which means Miami will be wearing white at home.


No uniform changes this season for the Tar Heels, but there are significant changes at Kenan Stadium. The field surface has changed from grass to artificial turf, and the design includes new Carolina blue end zones (additional info here, and lots of additional photos here):


NC State will have a military appreciation promotion for the Oct. 10 game against Syracuse. The new alternate uniform that’s been created for the occasion is supposed to be some sort of camouflage pattern, but looks more like something that got left out in the rain:


The Pitt athletic department has undergone a university-wide redesign. The good news is that the Panthers are reviving their old color scheme of royal blue and yellow. It looks great on the football team’s jerseys and pants and even better on the helmet, where that old-school Pitt script really pops:

Speaking of the helmet, the obligatory fine-print warning decal is now shaped like the state of Pennsylvania—a nice touch:

While we’re at it, the Pitt marching band has new uniforms as well (additional photos and info here):


Good news out of upstate New York, where Syracuse has gone back to the basics. The Orange’s new look gets rid of the absurd number font, restores the stripes to the jersey sleeves and pant legs, and generally has Syracuse looking like Syracuse again. Well done! (Additional photos and info here, here, and here.)

Meanwhile, in an odd development, the university appears to be scrubbing the word “Carrier” from all mentions of the Carrier Dome in its media guide and other communications. While the school won’t comment on the rationale for this, it is thought to be rooted in Carrier’s unusually favorable naming rights deal, which dates back to 1979 and by which the school now feels hamstrung.


No photos yet, but a Virginia spokesman says the orange and blue stripes on the team’s white helmets, which had previously been applied as decal strips, will now be painted on, “because there is a texture to them and it looks better.” How’s that for a super-subtle uni detail!


The good news is that Wake Forest has returned to the basics with an admirably straightforward uniform. The bad news is that they now look a lot like the NFL’s New Orleans Saints (additional photos here).

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The Illini have added a “97” helmet decal for defensive lineman Bobby Roundtree, who’s recovering from a spinal cord injury he suffered during a swimming accident earlier this year:​


After removing the players’ names for their jerseys in 2018—a move that prompted an outcry among fans—the Hoosiers have done an about-face and restored the names to the uniforms.

In addition, Indiana’s athletics department is celebrating the university’s bicentennial, which the football team will observe in two ways. First, the helmets will carry a “200 Years” decal on the back:

In addition, there is a new bicentennial uni design, which features a retro-styled helmet logo inspired by one of the team’s earliest uniforms. It will be worn for the Oct. 12 game against Rutgers (additional photos here).


Remember Iowa’s (in)famous “banana peel” design from the 1990s? They’re bringing it back—but this time it’s yellow with black wings instead of the other way around, and the pants are yellow as well. Or to put it another way, yikes! (Additional info here.)

This uniform will be worn on Oct. 12, when the Hawkeyes host Penn State.

Also: While most schools are wearing the CFB patch on the upper-right chest, Iowa has it on the opposite side:

And in a nice gesture, the 10 Iowa players who’ve already earned their degrees will get to wear mortarboard helmet decals this season:


Maryland is another Under Armour-equipped school that will be wearing a throwback this year (although as several Terps fans have pointed out, some of the details are not historically accurate). The 1980s design will be worn for the game against Michigan on Nov. 2:


Do not adjust your screen—there is nothing wrong with your color settings. It’s just Michigan State’s garish new alternate uniform:

It would be fair to say that the design has not been a hit with Spartans fans.


Interesting note from a Minnesota spokesman regarding the team’s field design: “For the past two years, we allowed the Minnesota United to play at TCF Bank Stadium while their soccer stadium was being built in St. Paul. We used a scaled-down field that could easily be used for soccer or football. The only thing stitched into the turf were the ‘M’ at midfield and ‘Minnesota’ in the end zones. Everything else had to be painted. Now that Minnesota United have moved into their stadium, we are back to being the only tenants at TCF Bank Stadium. Our new field has a stronger maroon and gold presence. Everything is stitched into the field and nothing will need to be painted.”


Nebraska has a new BFBS alternate (that’s short for “black for black’s sake,” for those of you who don’t speak uni). No word yet on when it’ll be worn (additional photos here).


Northwestern is one of the Under Armour-outfitted schools that will be wearing a new faux-back alternate this season. In the Wildcats’ case, it’s a rather uninspired design that feels very retro-by-numbers, which they’ll wear on Sept. 28 against Wisconsin:

In addition, Northwestern has a new version of its “Gothic” alternate. No word yet on when it’ll be worn:


The Nittany Lions’ retro-flavored “Generations of Greatness” alternate uniform, which was first worn in 2017, will be back this season. More of a faux-back than a true throwback, it’ll be worn for the Oct. 5 homecoming game against Purdue (additional info here):


The Boilermakers haven't announced anything new for their on-field look this season, but the Ross-Ade Stadium concourse is now emblazoned with a new logo:


College football's whole 150th-anniversary thing is based on a game played at Rutgers in 1869. The Scarlet Knights are honoring that history with a new throwback uniform that features—get this—long sleeves (additional info here):

This uniform will be worn on Oct. 19, when Rutgers hosts Minnesota.

One other small bit of news pertaining to Rutgers uni history: Prior to each home game this season, fans can score free souvenir magnets based on various helmet designs from the team’s past.

Meanwhile: Thanks to a new naming rights deal, Rutgers’ stadium will now be known as SHI Stadium. You can almost hear the jokes writing themselves, can’t you?


Wisconsin is another Under Armour-outfitted school that will be wearing a retro-flavored alternate (but not a true throwback) this year. The Badgers will wear their version on Sept. 28 against Northwestern:

As we just noted, Northwestern will also be wearing retro alternates that day. So in the battle of the unimaginative chest insignias, it’ll be “NU” versus “UW.” Inspiring!

Image placeholder title

BIG 12


Baylor’s athletics program has suffered from a lot of design inconsistencies in recent years. The university’s various teams have worn five different shades of green, three different golds, and many variations on the school’s “BU” logo. But now, thanks to a comprehensive redesign, there should be more continuity among the various teams, all 18 of which have been given new uniforms—including the football squad (additional photos here):

Meanwhile, the turf at McLane Stadium is getting a new design this year. It’s the first time the turf has been replaced since the stadium opened in 2014 (additional info here):


Iowa State has made minor adjustments to its home jersey, scrapping the black collar and adding gold sleeve stripes (both of which seem like good moves):

In addition, players will now wear the flags of their home states on the back of their helmets:

And the Cyclones also have new 3D graphics on their neck and nose bumpers:


In addition to celebrating college football’s sesquicentennial, the Sooners are marking their 125th season this year. They’ll commemorate the occasion with a helmet decal (additional info here):


The Horned Frogs’ new look features stencil-style numbers and a garland of diamonds on the jersey collars (additional info here and here):

Also: TCU apparently has a new alternate uni in the pipeline, which will be revealed at some point later this season.

In addition, TCU’s Amon G. Carter Stadium has been undergoing some renovations, which should be finished in time for homecoming in late October.


No changes to Texas Tech’s uniforms this season, but a team spokesman says they are changing the way each game’s uni combo will be chosen: “Unlike in years past, we are not scheduling uniforms to fit theme games. Normally, we would designate certain games as a whiteout or blackout before the season. Instead, captains are choosing our uniforms on a week-to-week basis regardless of the theme.”

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that the Red Raiders have new practice jerseys this year:


West Virginia’s sharp-looking new uniform set includes four new jerseys (blue, yellow, gray, and white), four new sets of pants (ditto), and two helmet options (blue and white), allowing for dozens of potential combinations:

The Mountaineers have also done a better job than most schools at providing background info on their new look. You can find excellent info on the logo, color scheme, and fonts here, and there’s a great breakdown of the various uniform combinations here. Here’s hoping more schools start building pages like these to accompany their uniform unveilings.

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Conference USA is celebrating its 25th season with a new logo. It won’t be worn by players or officials, but expect to see it on chain crew members’ caps, and possibly on the field surface for the conference championship game.


Marshall likes to make at least one significant uni change each season. This year they’ve swapped out their old black-sleeved road jersey for a solid-white look (additional info here):


No changes this year for the Blue Raiders, but it’s worth noting that they’ll be wearing their solid-black uniforms for the Sept. 14 game against Duke:


No changes this season for UAB. But for the third consecutive year, the Blazers will wear their lime-accented alternate uniforms for their homecoming game (which will be on Oct. 19 against Old Dominion this season). Instead of wearing their own names on the back of the jerseys, the players will wear the names of sick patients from the family-support organization Children’s Harbor.


No visuals yet, but UTEP will respond to the recent domestic terrorist attack in El Paso by wearing #ElPasoStrong helmet decals throughout this season.

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Interesting development at West Point, where Army head coach Jeff Monken decided he didn’t like how the CFB150 patches looked on the team’s home jerseys, so he had them removed. The patches will still be worn on the road jerseys, however.

In addition, although nothing has been announced yet, it’s a safe bet that there will be a new uniform for the annual Army-Navy game.


No visuals or details yet, but a team spokesman says New Mexico State will be unveiling a new uniform during the week leading up to the Sept. 21 game against New Mexico.

In addition, New Mexico State has added a memorial helmet decal for equipment manager Richie Pena, who died earlier this year:


Liberty, about to start its second season as an FBS school, has changed the design of its white and red helmets, and has also updated its white uniform. The school’s navy helmet remains unchanged, as do the navy and red uniforms.


The Fighting Irish will honor their 1988 national championship team by wearing ’88 throwbacks, complete with faux-mesh jersey numbers, on Nov. 23, when they’ll be hosting Boston College (additional info here):

BC will also be wearing throwbacks for that game, so it’ll be a full-on 1980s matchup.

Also of note: Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series—which in recent years has resulted in some bold alternate uniforms—is taking a break in 2019, although it’s expected to return in another year or two.


We might have to go back to referring to UMass as Massachusetts, at least based on the change to the team’s chest lettering this season (additional photos here and here):

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Ball State has added old-school shoulder striping to its red jersey. (In the biz, this is known as UCLA striping; additional info on this and other specialized uni terminology here.) This brings the red jersey in line with the white jersey, which already has the shoulder stripes.


Bowling Green’s new set scraps the contrast-colored sleeves, features more prominent chest lettering, and swaps out the tapered helmet striping for a more traditional stripe pattern:


Buffalo has a new gray alternate jersey. Although the pants aren’t shown in the photo below, they will be gray to match the jersey:


CMU’s “action C” helmet logo now has action chest lettering and uni numbers to match. Unfortunately, the number font is a little wonky:


Halle-freakin’-lujah, Eastern Michigan has scrapped the embarrassing Diamond Plate-themed uni numbers. Too bad they’re sticking with the Diamond Plate helmet logo, but hey, one thing at a time (additional info here):


Last season Kent State introduced a new gray uniform with “FlashFAST” printed on the sides of the pants. (The slogan, devised by coach Sean Lewis, stands for the Golden Flashes being “Fun, Accountable, Smart, and Tough.”) The team’s white uniform has now been revamped to match the style of the gray design:

This uniform will make its on-field debut on Aug. 29, when Kent State opens the season at Arizona State.

In addition, the FlashFAST logo has been added to the team’s neck bumpers:


Major upgrade for Ohio, which is no longer wearing Adidas’ dreaded tire tread pattern. A textbook case of addition by subtraction!


Toledo has gone back to a traditional block number font, among other tweaks, on its blue jerseys:

Image placeholder title


The Mountain West is the latest conference to award a “Graduate” jersey patch to players who’ve already earned their undergraduate degree:


No details yet, but a team spokesman says Air Force will be unveiling a new alternate uniform at some point this season.


Blackout uniforms are soooo 2009, but that isn’t stopping Boise State from debuting a new blackout design for the Sept. 20 game against Air Force (additional info here):


CSU helmets will be missing their familiar ram horns for the homecoming game against San Diego State on Oct. 5, when the team will celebrate the university’s 150th anniversary by wearing a new white helmet with conventional side logos (additional info here):

In addition, two of CSU’s popular alternate uniforms will be back on the field this season. The orange-and-green throwbacks, which hearken back to the school’s earlier incarnation as Colorado A&M, will be worn for the Sept. 21 “orange-out” game against Toledo, and the state flag-themed pride uniforms will be worn on Nov. 2 against UNLV.


Nevada is another school that has been liberated from Adidas’ dreaded tire tread pattern. Other adjustments include a new collar and contrast-colored sleeve cuffs:


San Jose State will kick off the season by wearing a throwback “Gruff Sparty” helmet logo for the Aug. 29 game against Northern Colorado. The logo, which was originally used by SJSU in the 1940s, will also appear on coaches’ polo shirts and caps.


UNLV will wear 1971 throwback helmets for the season-opening game against Southern Utah on Aug. 31 (additional info here):


Wyoming has made some tweaks to the jersey collars, sleeve striping, and other trim, but the overall feel is still in that instantly recognizable brown-and-gold Wyoming wheelhouse (lots of additional notes from equipment manager JD Jordan here):

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Arizona is among a handful of teams that have already started their seasons. In the Wildcats’ case, they did it in uni-notable fashion, as they wore a new design that honored those who died during the 1941 attack on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. The helmet also included a “DT” memorial decal for former coach Dick Tomey (additional info here).


The Sun Devils have a new white alternate uniform made from sustainable materials. No word yet on when it will be worn. Contrary to some earlier reports, this uniform has nothing to do with former ASU player Pat Tillman (additional info here, and additional photos here).


There hasn’t yet been an official announcement or unveiling, but a recent Under Armour promotional photo showing the company’s 2019 throwback designs makes it clear that Cal is bringing back the popular 1970s Joe Roth-era throwbacks, which were worn last year against UCLA and in 2017 against USC. No word yet on when they’ll be worn this time around.


In an unusual move, Colorado has opted not to wear the CFB150 logo as a jersey patch. Instead, according to a team spokesman, the Buffaloes will wear it as a helmet decal.


The school that was once synonymous with outrageous uniforms has had a more sedate, almost conventional look in recent years, and that trend continues with the Ducks’ latest set, which Nike is using to introduce its latest tailoring template (additional info here):

In addition, Autzen Stadium has new turf. Among other features, the yard line markers now match the number font on the jerseys:


Oregon State’s new look features very bold, wide striping across the shoulders and wood grain-themed uni numbers:


Stanford is taking an unusual approach to the CFB150 patch. The Cardinal will wear the patch for the season opener against Northwestern on Aug. 31, plus a helmet decal celebrating 125 years of Stanford football. Then, for the rest of the year, the Stanford 125th-season logo will become a jersey patch and the CFB150 logo will not be worn.


UCLA is celebrating a century of Bruins football with a new helmet decal.


Utah, like most of the other Under Armour-outfitted schools, has a new throwback alternate, which will be worn on Nov. 16 against UCLA:


Washington, which had long been outfitted by Nike, has switched to Adidas, and the change has given the Huskies a fairly traditional look (additional photos and info here):

Interestingly, the change in outfitters has also resulted in the Nike logo being scrubbed from some of the team’s graphics:

And since the outfitter also makes the game balls, the Huskies have a new pigskin design this year:

Image placeholder title



No major changes for the Crimson Tide, unless you count the addition of 3D lettering on the nose bumpers:

Also, with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s younger brother Taulia now joining the team, the two of them are wearing the first two letters of their first names on their nameplates:


Lots of news this year for the Razorbacks, including the following:

• The team’s primary uniforms will be supplemented by a new throwback alternate that’s based on the team’s mid-2000s look from the Darren McFadden era (lots of additional photos here):

• Freshman tight end Hudson Henry’s jersey will have an interesting NOB (that’s “name on back,” kids), as he’s going with “Hud. Henry” to distinguish himself from older brother Hayden, who plays linebacker:

• The field surface at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium has been converted back to natural grass, and has also been given a new design:


Auburn has added an “RB” memorial decal for longtime Auburn radio broadcaster Rod Bramblett, who died earlier this year:

 In addition, Auburn has upgraded to Under Armour’s latest tailoring template. Most fans won’t notice any difference, but eagle-eyed uni aesthetes may spot a few small distinctions between the old and new designs, where are broken down in this handy graphic (additional info here): 


 There’s also been some recent chatter about Auburn tweaking its familiar “AU” logo. It remains to be seen if this will actually happen, but it will have no impact on the 2019 uniforms.


No uni changes this year for Florida, but it’s worth noting that cornerback C.J. Henderson and wide receiver Kadarius Toney will both wear No. 1 this season. That’s a rare honor for the Gators, who have not issued that number since Vernon Hargreaves III wore it in 2015.


Georgia is another team that has joined the growing trend toward 3D nose and neck bumper designs:

Meanwhile: Have you been waiting for the Bulldogs to revive their black alternate jerseys, maybe against Notre Dame? Fuhgeddaboudit—it’s not in the cards, at least not for this season.

Also: If you scroll about halfway down this article, you’ll find a really good discussion about the Dawgs’ potential return to shiny silver britches, a topic near and dear to many UGA fans.


After the recent death of former Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen, there was some talk that current UK signal-caller Terry Wilson might wear Lorenzen’s No. 22 for the season opener against Toledo. That plan was eventually scrapped, but Wilson will honor the Hefty Lefty prior to the season opener by wearing a pair of custom-painted cleats for pregame activities

In addition, the Wildcats will honor Lorenzen on Oct. 12, when the they host Arkansas. No word yet on whether Wilson might wear Lorenzen’s number and/or the custom cleats for that game—stay tuned.


LSU’s coveted No. 18 jersey—a number that has denoted rarefied status since quarterback Matt Mauck wore it in 2003 while leading the Tigers to the national championship—will be worn this year by linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson and center Lloyd Cushenberry III. Since offensive linemen aren’t permitted to wear an eligible receiver’s number, Cushenberry will wear No. 79 with an “18” patch (additional info here):


Mississippi State has a new alternate uniform. The design, which features iridescent stripes with circuitry-themed graphics, was inspired by MSU’s T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability. No word yet on when this one will be worn (additional photos here).

The Bulldogs will also have a new uniform on Thanksgiving, when they host Ole Miss in the annual Egg Bowl. No photos yet, but a team spokesman says it will feature maroon jerseys and pants with “black intertwined fabric accents and gold accents, including the numbers and shoulder stripes.”

And in a smaller change, the team’s nose bumper graphic is changing from the MSU wordmark to just the word “State.”


If you like helmet buggies (and really, who doesn’t?), you’ll love the new one that Mizzou is rolling out this year:


South Carolina is outfitted by Under Armour, so by now you know what that means: a new throwback alternate. This one turns back the clock to the Gamecocks’ 1980s look. No word yet on when it will be worn (additional info here):


Most schools are wearing the CFB150 patch on the upper-right chest area of the jersey. But Tennessee has opted to put it on the other side:


In addition to wearing the CFB150 jersey patch, Texas A&M will celebrate 125 years of Aggies football with a rear-helmet decal:


Vanderbilt has a new gray alternate uniform, which is being called “Battle Ready”:

See all those rivets in the helmet design? There are 82 of them, to match the uniform number of tight end Turner Cockrell, who died of cancer last November.

Image placeholder title



Nothing new yet from Coastal Carolina, but a team spokesman says the Chanticleers will have “something fresh and clean” later this season. Stay tuned.


Huge upgrade for Troy, which has switched to a new Adidas template (no more tire tread pattern!) and received much-improved jersey typography to boot. Also, Troy is another school wearing the CFB150 patch at upper-left, instead of the more common upper-right (additional photos here):

In addition, Troy’s new turf design includes the school’s crossed-swords logo to mark the kickoff spot on the 35-yard line:

Image placeholder title

Phew! Did we miss anything? Yeah, probably. If you know of any college football uni updates that weren’t covered here (FBS schools only, please), you know what to do. Thanks.

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