One day after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act into law, athletes like Richard Sherman and Draymond Green have high hopes for the kind of change it could bring to the NCAA.

Under the new law, which takes effect in 2023, college athletes can be compensated for the commerical use of their names, images and likeness. The law also allows college athletes to hire agents who can help them negotiate and secure commercial opportunities.

Sherman, the San Francisco 49ers cornerback, told The Mercury News he wants the new law to keep the NCAA from "taking advantage of kids."

"I hope it destroys the NCAA in general because I think it's corrupt and it's a bunch of people taking advantage of kids, and doing it under a mask of 'fair play,'" Sherman said. "Even the things they're suspending these kids for are ridiculous. You're suspending kids for YouTube channels and they're saying, 'Oh it's because other kids can't do it.'"

At Golden State Warriors media day, Green echoed Sherman's comments, calling the NCAA a "dictatorship" and noting that the Fair Pay to Play Act might challenge the organization's ability to rule players ineligible.

"The president of the NCAA [Mark Emmert] just kind of sits back and—he says a little bit but don't say much at all because he don't have to," the Warriors forward said. "Well, now you've got to speak up, and I'd love to see what his response is going to be to this, outside of 'Oh, well, you're going to be ineligible.'

"Get out of here with that. Ain't nobody worried about that no more, man."

Sherman predicted other states will follow in California's steps and change their laws to mirror the Fair Pay to Play Act.

"If California has it, Texas and Florida have to have it," Sherman said. "Because in Alabama, it's college football, so they won't let all these college athletes just go to California, so they'll change the law, and once that changes, the NCAA will change its tune, I'm sure."