Jalen Green Won NCAA Done: Unchecked

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The NCAA got fired on its day off. And after seeing the package Jalen Green got from the G League, why would any top recruit ever go to college again?

$500,000-plus, one on one coaching and skills training, a college scholarship and his own team with his boys? Sorry but that beats getting to be close to Coach K for a season to me.

And with March Madness already canceled this year it may not be long before we’ve seen the last "Big Dance" with a prospect like Zion Williamson. If we haven’t already.

I know some will counter that there is a prestige and exposure factor in going to a major university but I don’t buy the idea that no one will watch the G League if there is an influx of talent of this caliber. I could build a starting five of non college NBA greats that looks something like Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Tracy McGrady, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant (who Green looked up to). Don’t tell me hoops fans won’t tune in to watch the hyped new generation of players to see who’s got next. 

While the NCAA went after James Wiseman, Adam Silver and the association wised up. They saw the likes of LaMelo Ball go overseas and turned their league from D to G. To me, Jalen Green’s decision feels like a big shoe just dropped like the shoe deal he’s about to get. 

And now one and dones may just be done when it comes to college basketball and the NCAA.