College Football Players Demand Seat at the Table: Unchecked


If there’s one good thing happening in regards to college football right now, it’s that the players are starting to ask for something they should have had a long time ago, a seat at the table.

As the current circumstances only highlight how screwed up the system is. Of course that is hardly a breaking story.

College sports returning was always harder to justify than the pros because with revenue being the reason, and the participants seeing none, it only further focuses on the farce that is the concept of “student athletes” when really we’re talking about de facto, unpaid, employees. 

And now with the college football season on the verge of being canceled, the players are the ones being short changed yet again, as despite the flaws in structure, it seems apparent most of them want to play, with Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and others asking to do just that complete with a list of protocols they want met to make it happen.

Which again brings up another thing missing in NCAA athletics, uniformity. Hence essentially what looks like the formation of a union, or at least a unified voice. Hopefully that means regardless of what happens with the upcoming college football season, whenever it returns, it won’t look the same. 

Because it is well past time the most important people are involved in every aspect of the process.

The players say #WeWantToPlay. Well, I want them to at least have a say, not just now, but more importantly, going forward.