Cheat Code or Madden Glitch? Watch Villanova's Chaotic Touchdown

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If you miss wild football highlights, look no further because Villanova football has the chaos you've been searching for. 

In an FCS game on Saturday, the Wildcats cut Delaware's lead by one score with three minutes left thanks to a Madden-glitch style touchdown. On third-and-goal, Villanova quarterback Daniel Smith rolled right for a play-action boot as his teammates scramble in the end zone with Fightin' Blue Hens on their tails. 

With no man open, it looked like it would be a failed play as Delaware's defense closed in on Smith. A player grabbed ahold of Smith's foot, but before he could hit the ground, the quarterback flung the ball in the air. 

Whether it was intentional or not, a Villanova player snagged the wild pass in the end zone, bringing them within one score. 

Delaware eventually got the best of Villanova in a close 27–20 battle, but really, anyone could argue that the Wildcats walked away with a victory because who can recreate a Madden glitch? 

Twitter lost its mind over the wild play with some users calling it a "cheat code," others tagging Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes and a few claiming that Villanova is now a football school. 

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