Duke Reports Possible Legionella Bacteria Exposure at K Academy

More than 80 people who attended Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski's K Academy are receiving medical treatment after they were likely exposed to the bacteria, Legionella, according to a statement the university announced on Friday.

Approximately 84 people attended the 18th edition of the camp. K Academy is for adults age 35 or older and consists of five days of practicing and playing games in the iconic Cameron Indoor Arena, concluding with a championship tournament. 

According to the statement, attendees were likely exposed to the bacteria in a training room inside the Schwartz-Butters Building between Aug. 11 and Aug. 15. Attendees reported suffering from flu-like symptoms that include fever, muscle fatigue, nausea and respiratory distress.

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However, no Duke athletes were exposed to Legionella. While the university stated that the bacteria was not contagious, the Center for Disease Control states that it could cause health concerns.

Legionella can become serious when they grow in man-made water systems such as showerheads, hot tubs and fountains. The bacteria, according to the CDC, could cause Legionnaries' disease, a lung infection, as well as Pontiac fever. However, it is only possible for people to transmit the disease or the fever under "rare circumstances." 

According to the statement, the university's health specialists determined that "exposure was limited to the training room, which is now closed," while cleaning efforts are taking place. Campers who reported symptoms are being treated at Duke or by local physicians with the expectation of a full recovery. 

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