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Purdue's Greg Long Gives New Meaning to 'Hold My Beer' in Win Over No. 2 Iowa

What happens when a can of Bud Light lands on the field as an unranked team is on track pull off one of college football's greatest upsets over the No. 2 team?

Purdue offensive lineman Greg Long did what any (legal age) college student probably would do—opened it. Only he decided to pour it over his face instead of fully drink it, giving a new meaning to the saying 'hold my beer.' 

Yes, mid-game. 

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A fan tossed the alcoholic beverage onto the field during the third quarter as Purdue powered to eventually dismantle No. 2 Iowa, ruining its undefeated streak. The 24–7 upset adds another historic victory for Purdue, which entered Saturday as the program with the most wins against an AP top-five team while unranked, per The Athletic's Matt Brown.

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