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Bob Stoops 'Disappointed' About Lincoln Riley’s Departure

After Lincoln Riley's shock departure from Oklahoma, former coach Bob Stoops, who will serve as interim coach, was asked about how he felt when he heard the news.

"I'm not much on talking about my feelings or thoughts publicly on any of that," Stoops said. "Disappointed? Sure. The rest of it, that'd be between Lincoln and I, personally. As it should be. I'm not much on making that kind of stuff public." 

Riley served as offensive coordinator under Stoops back when he was coach of the Sooners. Stoops retired in 2017 and played a role in the selection of Riley to replace him as head coach. Stoops has been serving in a part-time special assistant role within the program.

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Riley was named USC's new coach Sunday after initially being linked to the LSU coaching job. Since the news became official, the Sooners have already lost several recruits. But Stoops was adamant that Oklahoma will remain a top destination for both coaches and players. 

"They [players] are OU football," Stoops said. "They very well [could] be a championship program next year. We will attract the very best in the coaching profession. And the same thing is projected [for] our recruiting."

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