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Coppin State Men’s Basketball Accidentally Forgot Its Jerseys Against Drexel

Coppin State men’s basketball grueling schedule has posed multiple problems throughout the season, as detailed in Wednesday's Sports Illustrated's Daily Cover, but aside from missing a few socks or missing arms sleeves, the squad had not forgotten anything substantial. 

That is, until its Dec. 14 game against Drexel. 

Before tipoff in Philadelphia, the Eagles realized they left their game jerseys at home in Baltimore. They had to don Drexel's navy practice jerseys in order to compete, pairing them with CSU's standard gold shorts that were not forgotten in transit. 

Some players got to keep their same numbers while others simply had to find a jersey that fit. 

Coppin State has played one of sport’s most brutal schedules, competing in 15 games since the season began on Nov. 9—13 of which were within the first 30 days. All but two were on the road. 

It holds a 1–14 record so far this season, its only win coming against Loyola Maryland. The program only has two more games for December but then plays three in the span of a week to open up January. Comparatively, the current No. 1 men's team in the country, Baylor, has played just nine games so far.

“When you think about playing 10 games in 19 days, it’s hard because you always ask yourself, could I have done more [to prepare our team]?” former assistant coach Charles Agumagu says to SI. “The answer to that question nine times out of 10 is yeah, but you don’t have any time to prepare for your next game.” 

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