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The Liam McNeeley Blog: No. 1 Team, New Interest from Duke and Alabama, 4.1 GPA and More

McNeeley is having a dominant sophomore season which has college coaches coming in droves.

Liam McNeeley is one of the top players in the 2024 class and is following up a dominant summer on the Nike EYBL with an even more dominant high school season for John Paul II (Plano, Texas). That consistency has everyone from Stanford, Duke, Kansas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Baylor, among many others, all giving chase. Now he’s has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling his hoops and personal life in a blog.

Hey everybody it’s Liam McNeeley and this is my new Sports Illustrated blog, so check it out.

Right now, the main thing I’m focused on is definitely my high school season.

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It’s fun to play in front of a crowd again after a year with no fans! It just makes you appreciate everything about the game even more.
We’re doing well in the district so far they’ve got us ranked No. 1 and No. 1 in the state for private schools.

Of course, we know rankings mean nothing if you don’t prove it, so we’re just keeping our heads down and working and getting better. Individually, I feel like I’m playing well; I’ve really been working on my mid-post ball fakes, step throughs, turnaround jumpers and fades… Things like that.

I had 24 points, nine rebounds and six assists in my first district game; it was in front of a big crowd and it was just a lot of fun.

Like everybody, I’ve been watching a lot of great college basketball!

It’s been a crazy season so far, but I love watching. It’s just cool to watch the schools that are recruiting you and trying to imagine you fitting into the different systems and things like that.

Recently, Alabama reached out and said that they want to get on the phone and Duke has reached out more and wants me to come down for a visit. We’ve tried to make it work, but due to COVID it’s been tough. Hopefully, I can get down there soon.

I’ve had 30 coaches out at my practices, so it’s been a lot, but it’s a lot of fun.

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Liam McNeeley

Liam McNeeley has been dominant all season.

I’ve already taken a couple of visits to TCU, OSU, OU and Texas this season. I just like to talk to the coaches and feel out their vibe and things like that.

I’m not in any hurry with anything; I’m just having fun getting to know the coaching staffs at this point.

School is going great for me right now; I finished the first semester with a 4.1 GPA. That’s something I’m proud of because I work hard in the classroom.

I think my favorite subject is History right now. We’re studying World War I, so it’s getting interesting.

I listen to a lot of music, like most guys my age.

Right now, I’m mostly listening to a lot of 21 Savage and Drake!
Other than that, I usually just do regular things like hangout with my friends on the weekends after games.

To be honest though, when I’m not hooping, I’m usually thinking about hoops! Haha!

OK everyone, I’ve gotta get ready to go, but thanks for reading blog No. 1! Make sure you check back soon for the next one!

Take care!

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