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Spencer Rattler’s Dad Responds to ASU, Jayden Daniels Rumors

Spencer Rattler, the former Oklahoma five-star quarterback who transferred to South Carolina in December, had prior interest in signing with Arizona State. That was made clear during his transfer search a couple months ago.

However, Rattler’s father Michael wanted to clear the air about why his son decided ultimately to pass on ASU after ESPN host Matt Barrie claimed on Twitter that ASU had issues with Rattler’s name, image and likeness ambitions.

What Rattler and ASU reported, though, was the interest for Rattler ended after they spoke with quarterback Jayden Daniels. Daniels, who has started for the Sun Devils since the 2019 season, was considering declaring for the 2022 NFL draft, but ultimately decided not to. During the period in between is when ASU showed interest in Rattler.

When Rattler saw Barrie tweeting about his son’s situation, he responded saying Barrie's claims were not true. 

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Barrie replied to Rattler’s tweet, claiming he was not trying to start drama. 

Then, Rattler replied again, saying, “ASU did not offer anything and we did not ask for anything. When you imply otherwise it is being irresponsible!”

Rattler will play his fourth year at South Carolina, while Daniels has reportedly entered the transfer portal and could leave Arizona State, after previously announcing a return for his senior season.

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