Charles Barkley Had Perfect One-Liner After Hearing Bobby Hurley Doesn’t Eat on Game Days

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NBA analyst Charles Barkley has long grown used to being on the receiving end of roasts about his weight and eating habits. This time, he turned the tables with his own witty, and self-deprecating joke.

Ahead of the men’s NCAA tournament title game between the UConn Huskies and Purdue Boilermakers on Monday, Barkley co-hosted TNT’s pregame coverage show, which featured an appearance by Bobby Hurley, the brother of UConn coach Dan Hurley.

During a conversation about sports superstitions, Bobby Hurley mentioned his extremely particular eating ritual. 

“We all have routines,” Hurley told the TNT crew. “We talked about our crazy routines that we have. I don’t eat on game day—that’s mine. I want to make myself suffer and sacrifice before I have to go out and perform… No food on game day. I fast.” 

Without skipping a beat, Barkley responded, “I eat fast.”

Barkley’s light-hearted quip aside, Dan Hurley’s Huskies may need more than superstitious rituals to beat the top-seeded Boilermakers at State Farm Stadium. This March Madness, the two college basketball heavyweights have each left behind a trail of defeated underdogs and are jostling for a coveted 2024 championship; UConn is seeking a second consecutive title while Purdue has its sights set on a first-ever NCAA tournament victory.

Kristen Wong


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