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The Bryson Warren Blog: Link Academy, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Missouri Visits, Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' and More

Warren is coming off of a productive summer playing up at the prestigious Nike Peach Jam.

Bryson Warren is widely regarded as one of the top point guards in the 2023 class with a virtual who’s who of college basketball coaches (Tennessee, Florida, Memphis, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina, and Duke, among many others) clocking his every move. Now, Warren, who hails from Link Academy (Mo.), has agreed to give Sports Illustrated access into his world by chronicling his life on and off the court in a blog.

What’s going on guys this is Bryson Warren back at it with another blog for you guys!

I’m officially at my new school Link Academy in Branson, Missouri and I’m loving it so far!

It’s definitely new in a lot of different ways, but I know it’s gonna be a great year. There are a lot of things that students can do to relax when we’re not in the classroom or training like mini golf, water slides and things like that, so I like that.

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I think our team is gonna be really strong; we’ve got Julian Phillips, Omaha Biliew, Trey Green, Tarris Reed and a bunch of talented younger guys. We’re deep and we’re building that chemistry so we’re gonna be ready for war all season.

My confidence is at an all-time high!

Playing up at Peach Jam really prepared me for the season and it’s gonna pay off big all year. The biggest thing is my decision-making ability.

I had to adjust because the guys at the 17 level were bigger, but I figured it out and then it was just basketball.

Bryson Warren

Warren is a gifted scorer at all three levels.

My goal is to win GEICO Nationals, so I’m putting everything into that! I’m confident that we’ve got the team that can get it done.

Recently, I went on a visit to Mizzou!

I talked to Coach Cuonzo Martin and just soaked up a lot of knowledge from him. He’s a great guy with great advice so I loved that part of it. Then I saw all of the facilities and loved it. I went to Oklahoma State too, and I had a great time talking with Coach (Mike) Boynton. He just kept it real with me in every way. I love what they’re doing over there.

I talked to a few of the players that were there too because they were in the gym working out; I liked that too!

I went to Oklahoma and had a good time hanging out with the coaches and touring the facilities. I liked everything about that visit too!

I’m not sure on any other visits for now, but I think I may be setting up a few officials. I’ll keep you guys posted when I know.

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Right now, I don’t know about pro options; that’s something I’d have to talk over with my family.

We started school on Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to getting into a routine. Just talking to some of the guys around here about how everything works, I think I’ll love it.

I think the subject I’m looking forward to the most is Algebra II. I’m a math guy, so I like learning about that type of stuff.

We get our work done in the classroom first and then we train harder than ever!

I love that part of it; that’s why I came here!

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In our downtime, we play a lot of video games, swim and hang out. We just got back from a team retreat in the woods where they took our phones! It was definitely different, but it was just a way for us to grow together as a team and bond.

I know that’ll help on the court all season!

We’re playing everyone this year, so having that chemistry is gonna help us win those tough games.

OK, so I finally heard that new Kanye album “Donda” and, I can’t lie, I didn’t love it! Haha!

I’m waiting on Drake’s “Certified Loverboy.”

I think we’re all ready for that one!

OK guys, I’ve gotta get out of here and get back to work, but I appreciate you reading and make sure you check back soon for my next one.

Take care and be safe out there.

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