Elite High School Stars 'Admire' NBA’s Boycott of Playoff Games

Jason Jordan

On Wednesday night the NBA led the charge to boycott playoff games in response to police shooting Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Kenosha, Wis.

First, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to come out of their locker room for a playoff game against the Orlando Magic in protest then two more playoff games were subsequently cancelled.

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The league’s bold move received praise and support from everyone to former President Barack Obama to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Still, perhaps, the greatest impact was felt at the high school level where the general consensus among elite players was that seeing NBA stars taking a stand against systemic racism and police brutality was inspiring.

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We caught up with a handful of elite players around the country and had them share their thoughts on the NBA’s boycott.

Skyy Clark, Brentwood (Tenn.), CG, 2021

"I understand where they're coming from! They don't wanna take away from the injustices that have been taking place, which I respect. Not everyone understands it, but they're not in those players' shoes." 

Harrison Ingram, St. Mark’s (Dallas), SG, 2021

“I respect the move because there are unnecessary lives being lost because of the racism that has existed in our country from the beginning. The players not playing shows unity and that we are all in the fight together. Black Lives Matter is a real thing not just a hashtag.”

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield, Scotland (Scotland, Penn.), F, 2022

"I think it all shows great courage. What is going on right now in the world is bigger than basketball and we as a black community need help and unity.”

Michael Foster, Hillcrest Prep (Phoenix, Ariz.), F, 2021

“I loved to see the elite guys in the league stepping up and leading this and them showing their power, but I just want the message to be clear that we need police reform. The protests have to be about reform. I want this to change. It’s ridiculous. We were just talking about police brutality with George Floyd and here we are right back with the same issue. We need reform. The owners need to be speaking too. We need change. I love what the NBA is doing, I think it’s the greatest league in the world; I just want the message to be clear: New laws and reform.”

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Elijah Fisher, Crestwood Prep (Can.), CG, 2023

“I was proud to see the guys in the NBA stepping up and telling the world that we’re not standing for this. We want change now. It made me want to be a part of the league even more. Basketball is just a game, but we want change for what we’re going through as black people.”  

Scoot Henderson, Kell (Marietta, Ga.), PG, 2022

"I think it was a good idea! Sports is the one thing that brings us all together, but if we can't get the same respect as others then we probably shouldn't be playing in the first place. We are not for entertainment purposes only!" 

Jalen Warley, Westtown (Norristown, Penn.), CG, 2021

“What happened last night was really powerful. It was unified, peaceful and exactly what needed to happen to open people’s eyes. I support it; everything the players have done to this point, even the ones that have opted out of the bubble, because all of this is way bigger than any sport.”

Robert Dillingham, Combine Academy (Charlotte, N.C.) PG, 2023

"I respect the NBA players' decisions to cancel the game because it's time. We've had enough in our country and this could impact the situation critically." 

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I agree completely. But I wonder if NBA players really have much power. What I mean is, I think that the NCAA men's Division 1 players have more power. NBA players are known all over the world. Outside of the USA, not that many people know who the NCAA players are. But in my opinion, NCAA men's Division 1 basketball and football players have even more power than the NBA or NFL players do. I don't think that NBA players striking is going to accomplish anything. But I guarantee you if all of the NCAA men's Division 1 basketball players (there are 347 schools that field teams), and all of the FBS players (football players who compete for the national championship. I think there are about 130 of those teams) together went on strike, I think every Congressman from every state would quickly get the message from the American public: LISTEN TO THE COLLEGE PLAYERS, AND TAKE ACTION ON THEIR BEHALF!


I believe what the sports teams are just brilliant. I love my sports but enough is enough. There boycott is such a strong message to everyone. Change must happen. They have been told not just to boycott but have a plan of action. well here is what they can do "AS LONG AS TRUMP DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT AND ADMIT IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE, THEY DO NOT PLAY" saying that will get the whole country noticing. The sports community is so big this will get noticed. The longer the sports community goes without there sports and the message keeps being said "AS LONG AS TRUMP DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT AND ADMIT IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE, THEY DO NOT PLAY" They will start to demand the government to make this to long from coming “IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE” To all of you keep it up! “IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE”