Uncommitted OL Brockermeyer Built Like a Future First Round Pick

John Garcia, Jr.

Texas, Clemson, Alabama, LSU or Auburn will immediately boost their offensive line when Tommy Brockermeyer elects to make a verbal commitment. 

The Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints Episcopal standout now stands 6-foot-6, 280-plus pounds and recently told SI All-American he was on the right track with his health (labrum) ahead of his senior prep football season. 

Brockermeyer is an impressive physical specimen on a near ideal prep frame for a future offensive tackle. Great length and athleticism allow for effectiveness as a run blocker or pass setter. He plays with a wide base, active feet and consistent pad level through contact, complete with finishing power. More patience could aid his game but he is able to redirect enough to minimize penetration at the prep level. 

The Lone Star State standout's last full season of snaps came in 2018, as a sophomore, where he was listed closer to 250 pounds. Even then, Brockermeyer flashed dominance as an attacking protector regardless of the play call. He converts speed to a powerful pop on contact and possesses strong motor skills to drive his legs thereafter. There is certainly some bully in his game to challenge the will of his assignment in between whistles.

"His film his sophomore year and then the camp circuit that he did last year is really where he made his mark," All Saints athletic director and head football coach Aaron Beck told SI All-American. "He's extremely aggressive when you watch him. He finishes plays very, very well. Honestly at our level, I can give him the ball out of the backfield, he's just really athletic. He could probably run the 400 (meter dash). 

"It's just that combination of length, width, athleticism, speed, quickness and strength. He's just kind of the whole package. He's a prototypical left tackle. Right now at 17 years old his measurables are already NFL Combine measurables." 

Quick enough to  win on reach blocks and long enough to minimize damage when over-setting, Brockermeyer is also effective in getting to the second level or outside the hashes to zero in on defenders in space. His last year or so suggests he can pack on good, functional weight with relative ease, something that will help him play fluid football at well over 300 pounds at the next level. The pedigree doesn’t hurt, either. Tommy’s father, Blake Brockermeyer, was an All-American offensive lineman at Texas in the early 1990’s. Older brother Luke is currently a linebacker at UT and his twin brother, James, is a fellow coveted class of 2021 trench prospect. 

The Brockermeyer brothers are viewed as a package deal and of the announced final group Tommy dropped in December, only Clemson has yet to verbally offer James a scholarship. Perhaps Texas, Alabama, Auburn and LSU are in the better position for the pair as of this writing. 

To say there is anticipation for Tommy Brockermeyer's return to the football field is an understatement. It will play similarly in college, too.

"Three years from now, I don't know what the ceiling is for him," Beck said. "He's going to be able to play his senior high school season at 300 pounds, probably. He's just still so lean at that weight. It's not work to carry that for him, he carries it very athletically.

"315 pounds might be light for him, it will be interesting to see where he shakes out."


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John Garcia Jr
John Garcia Jr


Tommy is healing up and back at it.