SI Insider: What Is Next For Louisville After the Most Recent Notice of Allegations?

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The notice of allegations from the NCAA to the University of Louisville pertaining to its men's basketball department on Monday sets in motion what could be one of the most interesting hearings and resolutions in recent NCAA history. 

On one hand, you have a school that is a repeat violator of major NCAA rules: They were hit heavily with sanctions for the strippers and escorts in the basketball dorms, a situation from several years ago. The penalties went into effect in 2017 for that incident. And at that very time, that's when they were landing star recruit Brian Bowen with the help of a big dollar agreement from Adidas to pay the family. On top of that, as the NCAA alleged, further payments from assistant coaches on Rick Pitino staff to others either involved with Bowen or other recruits. 

There are major violations yet again, you would think that sets up Louisville to get hammered by the NCAA. However, Louisville has also cleaned house completely from those times. Rick Pitino, Hall of Fame coach - gone. Tom Jurich, wildly popular athletic director - gone. School president - gone. The Board of Trustees has been remade and they bill themselves as having an unparalleled commitment to compliance since then. So, how does the NCAA choose to look at this case?

Is this a school that's deserves to be made a statement about an a an example of in terms of lack of rules and compliance? Or, is this a school that took its medicine, made some changes and now you're going to punish people who weren't involved in the original allegations? We'll see where this goes. It's not going to be resolved any time soon. Check back in 2021 before we really know what's going to happen to Louisville.