SI Insider: Duke's Mike Krzyzewski Likely to Be Deposed in Zion Williamson Lawsuit

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The legal skirmish between Zion Williamson, the basketball star, and Gina Ford, his former agent, escalated a little bit more this week. We know that there were filings last week asking for a request for admission from Zion Williamson about allegedly receiving benefits and goods and services, cash whatsoever, including housing arrangements to go to Duke receiving. That's from Duke representatives from Nike, from Adidas, from an agent. 

But then I spoke with Gina Ford's attorneys yesterday, Monday, and they had more to say. They said that, "They are going to hit the road of discovery like you wouldn't believe," in terms of gathering information for a potential trial. 

I asked them if this could mean include deposing Mike Krzyzewski, the winningest coach in men's Division I college basketball history. They said, "We are leaving no stones unturned. If you get my message." 

Obviously, this is not going to go away quickly or easily necessarily this lawsuit from Gina Ford and her backers, who say that Zion Williamson unlawfully terminated his relationship with her and then left to go sign with Creative Artists Agency, the giant agency that represents many athletes and entertainers. They're going to make this tough, they're going to play hardball. 

This could be an attempt to make Zion Williamson uncomfortable enough that he settles this out of court before he gets to the point of deposition. We'll see where it goes. But clearly, a signal from Gina Ford's camp that this is not going away any time soon.