Lou Holtz to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz spoke at the RNC and had controversial statements surrounding Joe Biden saying he is quote "Catholic in name only" now his opponent Donald Trump is awarding Holts the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Sports Illustrated host Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by Bryan Driskell from The Irish Breakdown for insight. Driskell shared, "When you look at what coach Holtz has done at Notre Dame it doesn't just go with his 10 years as coach but it's also the impact he's made since then. When you look at his Holtz Hero's Program which works on providing financial assistance for educational needs for underprivileged students. he was part of the Lou Holtz charitable foundation that promoted education, religion, and charity. He's made visits t our troops overseas, he was someone who was in the Army Reserves so he's had a long life of trying to make an impact."