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Casino Rama Curling Skins X


RAMA, Ontario – This is where it gets fun.


Heading into the final two ends, David Murdoch is at $14,000 and the newfangled Randy Ferbey foursome are at... nil.

Nada. Zero. Butkus.

No big deal. That's what skins are all about: all or nothing. In the curling sense, all-out offense.

And with the majority of the cash available in the final two ends – not to forget the winner's bonus – the Ferbs need not fret. As of the start of the seventh frame, the pot held $20,000... with more to come.

Look at this TCN photo by Anil Mungal! Living proof that Wayne Middaugh (at right) can sweep!

How well can he sweep? We should ask Rocque and Pfeiffer... we really should...