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Curling media: CBC basement tapes and Brantford hopes

Curling athlete union boss Pierre Charette has a deal. The NHLPA does not.

Curling athlete union boss Pierre Charette has a deal. The NHLPA hockey union bosses do not (yet?)

In case you were wondering, Thursday’s big announcement has received a ton of media play – and not just on Sportsnet or other Rogers-owned platforms.

It is somewhat amusing to see how incredibly small the CBC Sports story (bottom link) actually is. After all, if not for yesterday’s deal, the CBC’s amazing streak of 50 consecutive years of curling coverage would have been destroyed as of this coming December.

It almost appears that a CBC sportswriter or web editor saw the news online, and made a phone call upstairs to management. If so, imagine how his or her end of the conversation might have gone:

Um, hi there, this is XXX down in the basement. Um, we don't know anything about this... do you know anything about this?

Really? Okay, er, can you give us a quote?

Point of order regarding the Weeks blogpost – although unconfirmed, it sounds as though the existing World Curling Tour stop in Brantford will do just fine despite the big-league Slam dropping in, virtually, on its head. Scuttlebutt says that two pools will be created – A and B – and the B-pool winner, presumably the champion of the standard WCT tournament, will then leap directly into the Masters quarterfinals.

And if it’s done correctly, that would be quite awesome.

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