TSN Skins Curling 2011 Part IX

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The ladies watch their performance on the big screen

The ladies watch their performance on the big screen

by George Karrys

RAMA, Ontario – The boys did it. They met at the fourth-game break, hashed things out, and from then on it was a complete turnaround the rest of the way. The seventh end was their clincher, as the Men In Orange owned the frame, start to finish.

Ben Hebert made a big difference, as his lead stones outpointed those thrown by Bernard lead Cori Morris. As a result, the girls got into more early trouble – with second Carolyn Darbyshire and third Susan O'Connor throwing far more hits than draws in the second half of the match – and more pressure began to build on skip Bernard.

In the first hour of tonight's TSN HD broadcast, all the pressure was on the boys.

Here in the Entertainment Centre, there is speculation that the Martin turnaround was caused by... Vic Rauter?! The TSN host interviewed Bernard at the midway point and pointed out that she was "curling 100 per cent".


"After 25 years you'd think he'd know that you NEVER say that to a player," one fan grumbled.


For the record, Bernard made an open draw for the final $6,500 skin in the eighth end, and it was a beauty. Hugs all 'round, and an final of score of $11,000 to $10,000 made everyone feel just darn great.


There was a large group of media here tonight, so watch for all the stories and pics later tonight and tomorrow morning. And we'll see you tomorrow, of course, right here for the 1:00pm ET finale between Martin and Murdoch – Canada versus Scotland, one more time.

TCN photo by Anil Mungal