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Walt Frazier, Terrell Owens and More Provide Their Ideal Sandwich Creations

Ever wonder what concoctions your favorite athletes would put together? We asked a few for their ideal sandwich creations at BTIG Charity Day.

If you like your sandwiches with a side of celebrity, there are loads of places nationwide for you to get your famous fix. Sadly, you can no longer get “the Woody Allen” at Carnegie Deli in New York or “the Hugh Hefner” at Heimerhaus in Los Angeles, since those joints were shut down, but if you ever find yourself in Florida, you can find plenty of celebrity clubs at the Flashback Diner. Get yourself a “Rita Hayworth” in Hallandale Beach, a “Dick Clark” in Davie, or a “Jim Brown” in Boca Raton.

Inspired by Flashback’s legendary lineup, we wanted to update the famous sandwich roster with creations from some of the biggest names in sports. This week, we headed out to the 16th annual BTIG Charity Day in Midtown Manhattan to add some pages to our collective recipe books. Give these crazy concoctions a try—if you dare!

Former New York Knicks guard and current broadcaster Walt Frazier:

“The Clyde:” “I’d have some grilled salmon, with lettuce, tomatoes, some sprouts and some mayo.”

Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens:

“The T.O.:” “I’d go with turkey slices, mayo … and some Fritos.”

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning:

“The E-Man:” “It’d be some sort of shrimp po’boy, probably, some shrimp, some lettuce, tomato, a special sauce, a cocktail sauce.”

New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist:

“The King Henrik:” “Well I eat a lot of cheese and ham on my sandwich, so why complicate it? We’ll stick with ham and cheese with some cucumber and tomato.”

NBA analyst Jalen Rose:

“The Original Jalen:” “We’re going to have some onion roll bread, toasted, a little corned beef, a little Russian dressing, a little mayo, plenty of cheese and all stacked so high that you can’t bite it initially.”

Former New York Jets offensive lineman Nick Mangold:

“Keep it Brisk, Man:” “Shoot, there are so many options it would be too big to be a sandwich. It’d have to be open. I think it would be difficult to narrow it down, so obviously, I’d want to be involved in the taste testing. I would have to go barbecue, brisket. I don’t think brisket sandwich would do it, but brisket is delicious. Obviously, I’d use my own spice rub and everything. It’d be a fun challenge.”