By Jimmy Traina
January 29, 2013

The Circus Is In Town

Ravens fan Getty Images

If you are into the frivolity of Media Day, you're in luck. has you covered with a thorough recap of the wackiness that took place earlier today.

PR 101

The adult website Pornhub made the most boring commercial you can imagine and submitted it to CBS to air during the Super Bowl. Naturally, CBS rejected it, which has led to Pornhub getting tons of publicity. Pretty impressive strategy.


ESPN, which at one point turned into the Tim Tebow network, was caught with its pants down today. Analyst Mark Schlereth was giving Hannah Storm the lowdown on how Tebow just isn't a quarterback. The only problem is that the duo thought they were OFF the air.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Vaugn Photo by Danny Griffin

Model Jessica Vaugn gets today's LLOD honors.

What Ever Happened To Just Paying Cash?

Nothing says "Super Bowl" like bizarre Craigslist postings in which people offer things (often dirty) in exchange for tickets. Here is a roundup of the more, um, amusing, offers.


Manchester City's Mario Balotelli is being sold to AC Milan. One rival Manchester United fan decided to give Balotelli a very inappropriate and disgusting going-away present over the weekend. After spotting the striker's Bentley, the fanatic crossed the line by urinating and wiping his buttocks on it. (Thanks to Andy Wong, of Park Slope, N.Y., for the link.)

Local News Video Of The Day

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