By Extra Mustard
January 30, 2013

  1. This is what I say to Tornados

  2. Atlanta Falcons S Thomas DeCoud played in two playoff games and the Pro Bowl with his middle finger looking like this

  3. Kramer goes to the Super Bowl, sees Ray Lewis in a club, criticizes his dancing. Ray refuses to dance before the game and the Ravens lose.

  4. Drake has agreed to donate some of his eyebrow hair to LeBron James hairline

  5. I've been asked who I'm rooting for in the super bowl....I'm a Steeler fan! Who do y'all think I'm rooting for???

  6. My man @PGA_JohnDaly won 2 majors on the top 3 performance non-enhancing drugs out there. Diet soda, cigarettes, beer. Amazing player!!

  7. Balotelli... Agueroooooo... Good luck, Mario! You won't be forgotten around here. All the best on this new era for you!

  8. The baby: 10 pounds, 4 ounces. I am taking scholarship offers starting now, Lane Kiffin.

  9. And this is what Alex Rodriguez woke up to on the front of the New York Daily News:

  10. What's worse, lakers not making playoffs or making the playoffs and getting swept by lil brother- Clippers?

  11. LeBron is too lovable to hate anymore and Palin is too irrelevant to annoy. I'm one great Nickelback song away from being totally lost.

  12. Ray Lewis used deer antler spray to rehab his elbow. Wonder how that stuff works on stab wounds?

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