By Bryan Armen Graham
February 05, 2013

Some links to start your Tuesday off right ...

• James Surowiecki makes the case for legalized sports betting in this week's New Yorker.

• Tiki Barber did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit and, when asked which defensive player he avoided the most, chose Jeremiah Trotter because 1) he was such a hard hitter and 2) sometimes tickled him under the pile.

• Check out Kevin Durant's incredible no-look, one-handed bounce pass to Kevin Martin from last night's game against the Mavericks.

• The Verge on whether technology can solve the NFL's head injury problem.

• It seems that someone in the league office didn't approve of Joakim Noah's skinny jeans/sweater/blazer combo last night. He was reportedly escorted off the floort by team security and returned wearing different clothes.

• Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco was on Letterman last night.

• Since 1989, USA Today has asked viewers to rate the Super Bowl commercials. Mental Floss has compiled the top-rated ad from every year, from the Dana Carvey/Jon Lovitz spot for American Express that aired during Super Bowl XXIII all the way up through Sunday's winner.

• After Jordan and Eric Stall scored to give the Hurricanes a 2-1 lead over the Maple Leafs last night, Sportsnet had a little fun with the graphic.


• Cousin Sal consoled downtrodden 49ers fans outside the Superdome after the Super Bowl on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

• Shane Battier dunked for the first time in four years last night.

• Sports Illustrated Kids reenacts Super Bowl XLVII's best play -- Joe Flacco's 56-yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones -- with LEGOs.

• More footage from the Super Bowl revelry in Baltimore made its way onto the web yesterday.

• The who beat the Sharks?

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