By Bryan Armen Graham
February 06, 2013

via Reddit

Some links to start your Wednesday off right ...

• Kobe Bryant dunked on the Nets. All of them. And John Legend loved it.

• When the Rockets made 14-of-18 shots from beyond the arc during the first half of last night's game with the Warriors, it seemed the NBA single-game record for 3-pointers -- 23 by the Orlando Magic in 2009 -- was within reach. When Donatas Motiejunas canned Houston's 23rd three with 3:41 remaining, history seemed inevitable. But Golden State coach Mark Jackson had other plans, ordering his team to commit intentional fouls to prevent the Rockets from breaking the record. Houston couldn't even muster an attempt over the final 1:58 and "settled" for a 140-109 win. A legendary troll job if ever there was one.

• Bill Romanowski says Randy Moss alligator-armed an important catch attempt in the Super Bowl.

• Neymar with the #burn of England.

• Paul George has something to say.

• Today's Baltimore Sun front page after yesterday's Super Bowl parade:


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