By Jimmy Traina
February 06, 2013

Stay On Your Feet!

Ray Rice Ray Rice :: AP

Ray Rice is one of the toughest running backs to bring down on the field, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that falling off a truck during yesterday's Super Bowl parade still could not keep the Ravens star down.

Mugshot Of The Day

Rockies first baseman Todd Helton was arrested early this morning on a charge of driving under the influence. His mugshot is an instant classic.

Haircut Of The Day

Coyotes goalie Mike Smith is sporting one of the most amazing mullets you'll ever see.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Lauryn Bocook Lauryn Bocook :: Courtesy

Lauryn Bocook is a model from Florida and today's LLOD.

Not A Fan Of The Empty Nest

Today is signing day in college football, and as a New Yorker, it's not as relevant to me as it is to a lot of people around the country. However, anybody can appreciate the absurdity of this story about a mother stealing a son's letter of intent so he goes to a school closer to home.

For The Ladies...

Christine, of New York City, says, "Jimmy, I'm one of your loyal female readers who have enjoyed Hot Clicks for a few years. I have no problem with the Lovely Lady of the Day' every day and actually enjoy it. However, I do think you need to do something for your female readers sometimes and this is one of those times. Mario Lopez lost a Super Bowl bet with one of your favorites, Maria Menounos, and had to run around L.A. in nothing but a Ravens helmet and underwear. I know you also like betting, so I'm willing to bet you everyone of your female readers will LOVE this link of Mario. Do it for us, Jimmy."All I can say is, it's a shame A.C. Slater has let himself go.

Court Ruling Video Of The Day

This is better than any Judge Judy episode.

Mashup Video Of The Day

Here is 13 minutes of people getting hit by cars, buses and trucks in movies and television shows.

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