By Extra Mustard
February 08, 2013

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It hasn't been a banner week for Duke on the public-relations front.

First the sordid details of a fraternity's "racist rager" went viral. Not a good look.

Now it's been alleged that Duke's Cameron Crazies taunted N.C. State's Tyler Lewis about his grandmother's recent passing during last night's game in Durham.

The chant in question came when Lewis, whose grandmother died on Friday, stepped to the free-throw line with 13:47 remaining in second half. Whether the student section was cheering "How's your grandma" or "Past your bedtime" is the crux of the debate, but you can judge for yourself here:

The rumor gained steam when former Wolfpack star Julius Hodge tweeted about it last night.

That was followed by a dispatch from USA Today's Alex Kennedy.

Several N.C. State students have corroborated the report -- here and here -- while a student reporter for the Raleigh school has attributed the taunt to a "handful of dumb college kids" as opposed to the entire student section.

There's even a petition in circulation to classify the Crazies as a terrorist organization.

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