By C.W. Sesno
February 11, 2013

I assure you, this does not end well. I assure you, this backflip attempt does not end well.

Winter Storm Nemo slammed the East Coast over the weekend, dumping multiple feet of snow across New England. The blizzard set an all time snowfall record for Portland, Maine, (31.9 inches) while New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire also received north of 30 inches.

We don't want to trivialize the severity of the storm, but Nemo did offer an opportunity for the hardcore shredders to brave the roads for some fresh East Coast pow. A few buddies and I tracked Nemo straight to Stratton Mountain in Vermont to carve it up. Heavy winds prevented the full powder buildup we were hoping for, but I'll take packed powder out east any day. We mostly stayed in the glades since the tree cover blocked the wind to trap the best snow. And it's a good thing that meant soft landings too.

We were cruising through Shredwood Forest when my friend Matt, who's (usually) a gnarly skier and had stomped a few tricks earlier in the day, tried to throw a backflip off a rock, between two trees. The landing was a little rough.

And because I'm such an awesome friend, I turned our three camera angles into animated GIFs of this epic wipeout. Because what kind of person would I be to hog all the enjoyment?




Editor's note: No skiers were (seriously) injured in the making of this post.

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