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This Guy Deserves  Major Hazard Pay

Courtesy YouTube

Courtesy YouTube

The funniest video of the weekend comes from the ECHL's Bakersfield Condors. Before their game Friday night, an actual condor was brought out during the national anthem. However, the very large bird did not cooperate.

Call Of The Day

Props to CBS college basketball analyst Clark Kellogg for this analogy during Sunday's Indiana-Ohio State game.

This Is Becoming A Habit

According to Lil Wayne, who once got booted from a Thunder game, he was kicked out of yesterday's Lakers-Heat game in Miami. Wayne says it was because he was rooting for Los Angeles. People in the arena say it was because he got into it with a fan and suggested he had a gun.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kate Upton :: Photographer: Walter Iooss Jr.; Swimsuit: Body Paint and Makeup by Joanne Gair using Body Art Products by Reel Creations and Tinsley Make-up FX Studio. Swimsuit inspired by Delfina from the original by Delfina.

Kate Upton

On Friday, it was revealed that Kate Uptonhad landed the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover for the second year in row. Today, I can tell you the issue features Upton in bodypaint. The picture above is an exclusive for Hot Clicks Nation. You can see the rest of the photos on tonight at 6 p.m., ET. For a full rundown of our launch week and exclusive video featuring the models, click here. For Upton's previous appearance, click here.

Quite The Comedy Duo

Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, he of the new, short haircut, and outfielder Hunter Pence put on a show at the team's Fan Fest over the weekend by imitating each other's nuances.

This Is What Happens When You Trade Half Your Team

Single-game tickets for the Miami Marlins went on sale over the weekend. The scene was even sadder than you'd expect.

Video Of The Day

Saturday Night Live spoofed CBS's  Super Bowl blackout on this week's episode, and it was solid.